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Commercial Services

Mulch Master is California's largest and most trusted pneumatic blowing company. We specialize in the supply and installation of mulch, compost, and other erosion control materials for commercial projects.

Our material is of the highest quality and is certified through the US Composting Council Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Program.

We have the finest equipment and professional personnel to service your projects throughout the State of California.

Public Works

MulchMaster supplies and services the entire State of California, specializing in placing mulch and compost in harder to reach areas. We are one of the largest, most capable full service mulch, compost, and soil supplier and placement companies in the Western United States.

We provide superior, wholesale, bulk materials to support large plants and maintenance projects. No project is too large. We have the finest equipment and professional personnel to tackle the toughest projects.

Property Management

Home Owners Associations (HOA's) are faced with a daunting challenge: reduce water consumption, save the trees and plants, and continue to beautify the common areas to the satisfaction of the home owners. MulchMaster brings the solution...a combination of mulch and compost.

Mulch is easily spread and layered over open soil in yards or gardens. The mulch becomes the protective topsoil, hindering water evaporation, killing weeds, spreading nutrients, and feeding the beneficial earthworms, while providing a wonderful looking landscape.

Mulching the soil eliminates a large percentage of water evaporation, allowing your plants to successfully utilize the water resources. Wood chip mulch retains water by insulating the soil, which works for wet and dry or cold and hot environments.

Make the most out of every drop of water for your HOA today!

Playgrounds, Parks, & Schools

At Mulch Master, safety is our biggest concern when it comes to playgrounds. Finding time can be difficult to keep playground fiber up to insurance standards.

Mulch Master is a professional placement company, specializing in installing certified playground fiber in a quick and timely fashion.

Our special air-blown service compacts the playground fiber, bringing your playground up to specifications faster, cleaner, and safer than traditional spreading methods.

This fast service helps protect you from liabilities and saves your personnel time to take care of many other important tasks.

Mulch Master Playground Fiber has gone through rigorous testing and exceeds the ADA, ASTM, CPSC, and CSA regulations and standards. Our playground fiber is always tested, certified, and insured.


High Quality Manufactured Mulch Products and Mulch Placement Services

Mulch Master is one of the largest, most comprehensive full-service mulch, compost, and soil suppliers in the Western United States. We supply and service the entire State of California, specializing in placing mulch and compost in the hardest to reach areas.

Since our establishment in 2004, Mulch-Master has professionally placed more than 760,000 cubic yards of mulches, compost, top soil, DG, and other soil products. Averaging 1,250 cu yards per day, we can deliver and place upwards of 6,250 cubic yards of mulch per week.


California Certified

Mulch Master is certified in the State of California
(Contractor's License # 903055 - D64 Mulch Services).

We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction, frequent and consistent communications, efficiency, and cleanliness in all our jobs.

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We Engineer High-Quality and Sustainable Mulch

Mulch Master engineers renewable clean-energy fuels and natural sustainable mulch and soil products through the manufacturing of plant material from orchards and ranches. Our removal service is fast and reliable, leaving growers with an empty field that provides an excellent clean slate.

Engineered Wood Fiber
STA Stonewood
STA Stonewood #1

Redwood Cedar Chip Blend
STA Forest Blend
Forest Blend
STA Compost

Organic Compost
Top Soil
Colored Wood Chips


Mulch Placement and Water Run-off Solutions

Our seasoned and professional crews are self-contained and driven to complete your jobs efficiently and on time Our state-of-the-art equipment is always kept in prime condition, and our fleet is equipped with 300 feet of 5” blower hoses.